Fast-moving consumer goods

Today the relationship between companies producing Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Large-Scale Retailers is more complex and segmented and must be addressed with innovative approaches and tools. It is no longer enough to think in terms of “channels”, but it is necessary to switch to a “customer-centric” logic which considers all the characteristics linked to the label/cluster/point of sale. Only in this way will it be possible to effectively manage the relationship and obtain a correct evaluation of performance in terms of potential, profitability, promotional effectiveness, and range gaps.

Thanks to our skill in the typical processes of the sector we are able to provide consultancy to define with the customer the fastest and most beneficial road to exploit the wealth of information generated by the relationship with Large-Scale Retail, transforming this into business opportunities.

Our decades-old skills are the basis of the development of all our application solutions:

Syntonia – a suite designed to respond to the modern business logic of companies producing Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

Discover all the potential of the Syntonia Suite

Hermes – a modular software suite to carry out sales strategies at the point of sale.

Enhances your Retail Business Execution

Finally, our technological expertise allows us to assist businesses from the sector through consulting services (hardware selection, programming, hardware, and software integration) both for indoor applications (in-store, production, warehouse…) and outdoor (field automation).