Transportation & Logistic

The efficiency of a transport company is fundamental, while their performance has a significant impact on total logistic costs. In the same way, logistic platforms must coordinate their activities to govern the flows of vectors and goods so that they guarantee those aspects of efficiency, timeliness, and security that define their standards of excellence.

Experience gained in typical processes of these sectors, a capacity for analysis and identification of the best evolution paths, automation, and identification system know-how, in addition to consolidated expertise in System Integration, allow us to be a benchmark partner for of transport and logistics companies. Secure and reliable Wi-Fi networks, RFID, visual analysis, voice-picking, solutions for traceability using HTML5 web portals, introducing concepts of dematerialization, geo-fencing, electronic signatures: these are just some of the projects that we have managed in recent years to help companies in this sector govern transits, monitor and identify deliveries and goods with extreme precision, define activity times and verify full respect.