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A love of innovation and future-proof technologies to deal with business customers’ objectives. For over 30 years, the DSM Group has collaborated with organizations that have chosen to anticipate market challenges using Information & Communication Technology as a strategic lever.

Experience gained in the field, among entrepreneurs, making their challenges ours, has left us a precious heritage: in-depth knowledge of the business processes of the markets we operate in.

Our distinctive value comes from a combination of process knowledge, technological expertise, and an ability to develop integrated software products with quality certification in addition to guiding customers through a consultation stage to define more competitive processes, help them concretely to be so, by selecting, creating, and integrating the best solutions to enable change.

Our approach has guided us in the creation of application solutions dedicated to manufacturing and commercial enterprises active in the FMCG industry and Retail. In these markets, all the experience and the ability to think “business and technology” in a synergic way has allowed the creation of software suites that help companies organize their daily activities in the most efficient way, by transforming data generated in processes into knowledge.

But for us the challenges always have new horizons: Artificial intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), Vision Systems, Robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are technologies that have already pushed us to try and achieve more innovative solutions to grow our customers’ competitive level even more.

The confidence of the market, a curiosity about innovation (…and the concreteness to implement it) and a broader vision of international contexts encourages us to believe that our long commitment in the service of companies is only the beginning of our story.

With passion and competence, strengthened by our many years of experience, we wish to continue being a reference partner for organizations that are looking to the future with determination and confidence.

The group

The desire to offer partners and solutions that can satisfy the various market needs and a vocation to internationalization has encouraged us to structure ourselves as a group.

Today we manage activities in the various contexts we operate in, whether markets or applications, from our main offices in Parma, Monza, Cluj-Napoca, and Bucharest. This is only the first step on a road of international development.

Among our priority objectives is that of locating operational and commercial branches of the DSM Group in areas of the world with greater potential for our business by focusing on identification of those countries whose entrepreneurial structure is receptive to the adoption of the different solutions in our portfolio.

In recent years, the Romanian firm Transart became part of the group, , today very important in developing and marketing business software worldwide, in particular in the Sales Force Automation and Retail Execution areas with the Hermes international BI projects in the same sector. Hermes suite, and in the implementation of international BI projects in the same sector.

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