System Integration

The historical knowledge from over thirty years of the Information Technology market offering and trends, alongside ceaseless analyses of recent technologies, are the basis of our System Integration services.

Whatever the customer’s technological environment, we can deploy indoor and outdoor mobility solutions capable of dialoguing with business information systems.

In contexts that are often technologically mixed and layered, the success of an IT project in the mobile sphere is dictated by the ability to blend data streams from various sources, various technological apps and platforms in a homogeneous high-performance system that enhances a company’s ability to govern the complexities of their business, everywhere and at every moment.

In addition, our deep knowledge, not only of the technological part but also the process, allows us to advise and assist our customers in their choices ensuring lasting efficiency and continuity.

The numerous projects developed by the DSM Group in over 30 years of activity testify that an ability to choose and integrate technologies is a key aspect to capitalize on the investments already made, evaluate efficiency and plan evolution. In fact, business productivity can experience a substantial growth when mobility operators have the opportunity to communicate safely and effectively with central systems, acquiring and providing indispensable information for all the members of the organization so that they can work with greater timeliness and accuracy.